About the building

Atmospheric conditions in the Progressive Auto storage facility are best described as "museum quality storage." The building is kept at a constant 78 degrees and the humidity is kept at 50% or below, year-round. These conditions are constantly monitored and adjusted if necessary by ESSI, who controls the functions of the air handlers remotely using state-of-the-art Internet control systems.

Of course, the building has 24/7 monitored fire and security maintenance too. The building has a customized sprinkler system with floor by floor controls to virtually eliminate the threat of fire. Hurricane-resistant windows have been code approved and certified to withstand wind gusts to over 120 mph.

Progressive Auto Storage is a six-story building. Floors two through six are designated car condo units and each floor is over 26,000 square feet. There are 104 units per floor.

There are two, 10,000 pound stainless steel freight elevators to transport cars quickly and safely to and from your car-condo™ unit.

Your Car Will Thank You