Progressive is your one-stop-shop for complete auto maintenance, from oil changes, to tire sales and vehicle service. Our services include the following, but please call, eMail or stop by to learn more:

  • Valet pick-up and delivery within 10mile radius for car-condo owners up to twice monthly.
  • Vehicle gets washed, vaccuumed, and windows cleaned each time it is put away.
  • Complete detailing services available—inside and out, including minor dent and scratch removal.
  • Need a radar system installed? We are a dealer for K40 Radar Systems. Windows tinted? We can do that too!
  • Progressive is one of the largest wheel and tire dealers in Collier County, and we specialize in exotic, hard-to-find wheels.

Something new for your car.

For $39.95 Progressive will fill your tires with NITROGEN! Get better gas mileage, better tire wear, maintain constant tire pressure, and best of all, your tires won't get flat spots on them while your car is being stored.

Your Car Will Thank You